First Bible Church History

Early in 1974 after having Bible Study at work and at the home of Pastor Sampson K. Roberson Sr. and Brother Terry Coleman felt the need to organize a Bible teaching church. After prayer and the inspiration of God, this church was organized.

On March 3, 1974 in the home of Brother Terry Coleman at 1403 West Wheatland Road, at 3:30 p. m., the group met. Reverend Sampson K. Roberson was presiding. The scripture for the day was Philippians 4:11-23. Because this was to be a strong Bible teaching church, Sister Brenda Small suggested naming the church, “Bible Baptist Church”. The group agreed on the name but Pastor Roberson found that another church had the same name. Sister Gloria Roberson suggested adding the word, “First”, so the church became “First Bible Baptist Church. Reverend Sampson K. Roberson was called as the Pastor. Sister Brenda Small was elected the secretary; Brother Terry Coleman was elected Treasurer. There were six adults in the first meeting.

Since we did not have a building, Reverend L.G. Jackson, Pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church offered to let us use their old building at 802 Third Street, free of charge. We were so thankful that God had blessed us with such generous friends. We worshipped there from May 1974 to September 1975.

In October 1975, we moved to 1638 Ann Arbor. Each move God has brought new experiences to us. While at the building on Ann Arbor, we shared part of the building with a Rehabilitation group for about six months. We remained on Ann Arbor until April 1977 and the relocated to Sunset Grand Lodge on South Boulevard.

The move to Sunset Grand Lodge reunited us with some old members, the Coleman’s. It also brought a refocus on why God had brought us together in the first place which was to be a strong Bible teaching church.

God sent a helper for our Pastor and church in 1978. Pastor Roberson met, Reverend Fred Hendricks a student at Dallas Theological Seminary and invited him to join with us. Reverend Hendricks and his wife served in the Bible teaching ministry, until he graduated from the seminary in 1981. Reverend Hendricks was to Pastor Blessed Hope Bible, located in St Louis, MO.

After attempting to buy a building at 3018 South Blvd, in 1989, we returned to the Lodge in 1992. Five years later Pastor Roberson was led by the Holy Spirit to find a church building. He found this building and First Bible Baptist Church moved into our present location at 3726 Hancock, Dallas Texas, on July 27, 1997.

Many people came and went but Pastor Roberson and his Family continued to teach and minister Gods word.

In 2005, God led Pastor Samuel W. Joyce to First Bible Baptist Church. He was the Pastor of New Life Missionary but grew weary and God lead him to First Bible Baptist Church. After speaking with Pastor Sampson Roberson, God had initiated a merge. Pastor Joyce became an associate and helped Pastor Roberson. They wanted the two churches to get an assortment of teaching, so God led them to preach on alternate Sundays so they both could continue to preach God’s word. This went on for several years until October, 2011.

In October 2011, Reverend Samuel W. Joyce was installed to be the Pastor of First Bible Baptist Church. Pastor Sampson K. Roberson would remain and be Emeritus.

Pastor Samuel adopted Philippians 2:5 Perception, “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus”.

God continues to lead Pastor Samuel Joyce in the direction of teaching the word of God since 2013.

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